Mitchell County Post Office History

Mitchell County North Carolina has had as many as 93 post offices in its recorded history. The postal map for this county has been altered, by war, population, economy, and political influences. This blog is an effort to collect as much of this history as possible and make it available to the public.
Today it is mostly about the bottom line dollar, however, the post office was much more than that to the communities in this county.
It was the news from family far off, a soldier homesick for the mountains, catalogs and catalog purchases for the expectant remote consumer, magazines for the rural teen anxious to keep up with the latest on their favorite celebrity, and the final notice of a loved one lost in battle. It brought the newspapers to keep the folks here informed of an ever changing world. The Post Office was their link and lifeline for many years. No other company, entity, or business can have as rich a history of social connection as the United States Postal Service has had in this and every other county in the country. Why shouldn't we do everything we can to preserve that history?

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Postmarks of Mitchell County Pre and Post Civil War

The Postmarks are from areas that, before the Civil War, was part of Mitchell County. Some of them are still part of it. Each Post Office was a part of the history of the communities that they represent. We hope to collect many more.

Help us preserve this part of Mitchell County History. There were 99 Post Offices in Mitchell County before the Civil War. We hope to be able to collect as many of them as possible for this archive.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

New Link to the PDF Mitchell County Entry to the NC Postal History Society added

Mitchell County Postal History Society Logo Draft

NC Postal History Society " Mitchell County PDF"

Kim Thickets, the Old English Inn, and Altapass

While Altapass is not in the old English Inn vicinity that was known, at one time, Kim Thickets. It has been a place that housed for awhile the Altapass Post Office.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's a hobby. Postmark Collectors Club

A long time hobby of ours is collecting postmarks. You know those little things that the United States Postal Service uses to cancel the stamps on the mail. In reality it is an excuse to get involved in history, or at least for us. We have traveled all over the country seeking, searching, and sorting these little markings and have been richly rewarded with where they take us to for the next discovery of historical information.
As you will see below we are not alone. Each year we hold a convention somewhere and visit post offices, reconnect with our fellow collectors, and of course, obtain various post marks to add to our collections.
We have a national museum in Bellevue, OH that we periodically visit to sort, and categorize these postmarks to preserve our  postmark heritage.

Convention 2013
The Post Convention Post

Special Cachets and cancellations 
Post Office Tours
Trip to the Biltmore House
Conversation and Catch-up

Group Shot

A good time was had by all.
(Corny I know, but true)

We visit them whether they are attached to a building
or not.
This one located in a museum in Jonesborough, TN